Bicol 2006

Bagasbas beach April 2006

We left manila with hardly any sleep at all. It was around 1 in the morning when we left & I couldn’t get any sleep during the trip… I can’t tell if it was excitement or insomnia, coz I usually suffer from both :-)… Sad to say everybody else was deep in slumber… hmm, so what was left for me to do??? Sight seeing!!! The problem was it was pitch black outside ;-p hehehe…

But it didn’t matter how tired I was from sitting down for about 6 to 7 hours coz when I got there it was pure adrenaline rush for me. It actually rained on our first day! But still we tried to surf… hehehe couldn’t see clearly. Nope, we’re not suicidal. It was just one of those totally crazy moments in your life!!! Well, since I’m still here & I was able to post our pics it means I (we) survived… ;-p

The best thing about that trip was actually being able to spend time with my high school friends who I only get to meet once in a while. Even if we all live close to each other! (busy studying… busy working…)

‘Till my next surfing trip… which I really don’t know when & if ever there will still be one… 😦

Si manong “walking on water”! haha

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