White Water Rafting is no joke!

Cagayan de Oro City – May 2007

White water rafting is no joke!!! It was about 3 1/2 hours long. We traveled 29 km and went through 35 rapids! The scenery was awesome, too bad we couldn’t take more photos ‘coz obviously we we’re busy paddling… and yeah we didn’t have a water proof camera…

– Just a little info, the Cagayan De Oro River actually separates Bukidnon (on the right) and Cagayan De Oro (on the left)…

When we started, our guide asked us if we wanted to go “mild or wild?”… We were a bit scared of falling off the raft so we went for “mild”… After going through a few “mild” rapids, we got a bit bored and so we decided to go for the “wild” rapids… =)) hahaha… And so our real adventure started! It was one wild, crazy ride!!! Our boat flipped during one of the rapids… We actually had a big hunch that our guide actually planned it. hehehe (so we would experience how it feels to fall off). Well, I got trapped under the raft. I don’t know how long I was under it trying to hold my breath. And then finally I saw the light! hahaha… Nope, I wasn’t going cross to the “other side”. Somebody pulled me out… =D finally!!!

My body is soooooo sore after! I forgot to put sunblock (mortal sin!). So for 3 1/2 hours I tortured my skin by staying under the harmful rays of the sun! tsk tsk tsk… My muscles are aching right now =((

but its all worth it! =D

I really love CDO! I want to go back….. Now!!! The food is great! And cheap! I really liked it there. 2 days is definitely not enough!!!






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