my Sky Walk & Edge Coaster adventure!

Sky Walk & Edge Coaster
37th and 38th floor  Crown Regency Hotel, Cebu City
April 2009

I had an awesome time doing this! I have to say I was more afraid of the Edge Coaster than the Sky Walk… When our seat automatically tilted to 50 degrees, my friend and I just froze! We couldn’t move and nobody wanted to control the seat (you could actually control the degree of the tilt up to 90 degrees, if I’m not mistaken). It’s worse than riding a roller coaster. At least a roller coaster is fast and before you know it, the ride’s finished. But this one is plain torture. You just sit there looking at the tiny cars and the people below who look like ants.. haha… and the ride is going on slow motion  :S… But what a view!


this is me putting on a brave face… smile!!!

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