The Start of my Flamenco Journey


The first time I heard about flamenco was when a classmate talked about it

in speech class back in college.

Even then, I was already hooked.

I remember seeing photos of flamenco dancers and falling in love with all the ‘drama’.

Oh yes, I call it ‘drama’. The flower in the hair. The beautiful flowing skirts.

The passionate-looking women. And all that fiery red color.



(If you still don’t know what I mean, just go over to google & type flamenco.

Or better yet, here’s a screenshot of the results.)



Fast forward about 6 years later, I decided to push through with my plans

and finally enrolled in a flamenco class.

(At this point, I still haven’t seen a live flamenco show and I have no idea what I’m getting into).

I remember going to my first day of class wearing a white shirt, leggings and sneakers.

Yup, sneakers! Haha…

So all throughout practice you’ll hear my shoes squeaking as I try to do golpe, planta, tacon.



That was 2 years ago.


Since then, I’ve realized how even more beautiful flamenco is.

Once truly experienced, you cant help but fall in love with it.

And no, it’s not just about the flower in the hair or the beautiful flowing skirts.

It’s also about strength and passion.

And this has to come from inside you…



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