Yoga updates :)

I realized that I haven’t been updating my blog for the longest time  😀   oops!

Here are a couple of yoga workshops, master classes, and community classes I’ve been to since 2013.

Alex Crow’s Community Class at Urban Ashram Manila 🙂

(Photo from Urban Ashram Manila. Click photo for link)



right after class with Alex Crow :)

Taken right after class with the beautiful  Alex Crow  🙂



My brother and I with our teacher, David Kim!  :)   (We took the Teacher Training one year apart.)

With our teacher, David Kim!!!   🙂
(My brother and I took the Teacher Training course one year apart.)



Yoga for Older Adults with Leslie Kazadi. 😉

(Photo from Urban Ashram Manila. Click photo for link)



Learning never ends 😉

(Photo from Urban Ashram Manila)



50-hour Yoga for Older Adults, Restoratives, and Introduction to Therapeutics.

 (Photo from Urban Ashram Manila.)



40-hour Certificate Course with Jason Crandell. 🙂    

(Photo from Urban Ashram Manila.)



with the amazing Jason Crandell  :)

With the amazing Jason Crandell 🙂



“Symphony of Life” Workshop with David Lynch 🙂

 (Photo from Urban Ashram Manila.)



All classes were held at Urban Ashram Manila studio  🙂



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