Everyday is an adventure.

Almost every single day people would ask me if I’m already getting bored. My answer is the same every single time – “definitely not!” 🙂  Ok, granted the island is not that big (you can circle the island on a kayak in less than an hour) and I’m staying there for 2-straight months. But I was never bored. Since there weren’t a lot of activities you can do besides swimming, kayaking, & hiking. Then that’s what I did!


That time we tried to circle the island and it took us more than an hour 😀20150106_175359

the sunsets never disappoint! 


kayaking to our secret spot!20150107_165729

waiting for the sunset!20150107_173204 (2)


❤ ❤ ❤20150127_175411


yoga pose!  because, why not?! 😛


must have been the worst day to try SUP yoga. haha! we got bruises as proof…20150108_174300


that’s the 3 of us trying to fit in one kayak! hahaOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

the mandatory jump shot!


 & another one!Screenshot_2015-01-27-19-07-02

😀  just keep swimming…Snapshot - 1


 Proof that the photos aren’t ‘photoshopped’, here are 2 videos showing the sunset at Bacuit Bay, El Nido 🙂

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